Don and Oli the wild Boxer

by | Sep 11, 2018

Don reached out to me for some help with training his Boxer Oli.

He sent me a message that read:

“I have a 13 month old boxer. I rescued her at 11 months. I have tried everything I know. She has so much energy and needs to calm down – from jumping up, running in the house, stealing things off counters, etc. I need help.

Something that was very important to Don and also important to me, was not to not break Oli’s spirit. Boxers can be naturally very goofy and we didn’t want to change her personality. We just wanted her to follow some basic house rules and have some more self control.

I asked Don if he wouldn’t mind sharing his experience working with me, and also learning about dog behavior. 

Here is what he had to say –

“Some of things I was looking for with dog training were Ollie’s jumping on people her kind of wild child behavior.

The only [previous] training methods I’ve tried were my own. I’ve raised several puppies from puppy to adult but this is the first time that I’ve taken on a dog that was almost a year old.

I would say there is a process [for dog training]. She is a living thing in it and each day she changes so that I have to learn to employ the techniques that I’ve learned from Tyler with the dog.

The Noble Dog training has helped me and the dog. I know more now how to respond to her and would me know and how to respond to her she knows how to respond to me.

I would recommend you highly.”

I was very happy I was able to help with Don and Oli, and provide some insight into the situation. Don has a better handle on Oli’s behavior. Importantly she still has her friendly outgoing boxer disposition.