Paxton The Dog With Aggressive Tendencies

by | Sep 13, 2018

Christy asked for help with Paxton’s aggressive tendencies

“I have a dog who can be aggressive towards other people and dogs, usually when he is approached by them though. I would like to work on this behavior.”

This was the message I first received from Christy when she reached out to me to help with training for her dog Paxton. After working together she was happy to share her story.



“My name is Christy and this is Paxton. Paxton just turned four years old and I’ve had him since about 2 months old.”

“He is just a little bit nervous, like right now he’s shaking a little bit. He can be a little aggressive towards other people and dogs. He is great with the family but not cool with when people come over to the house… people that he doesn’t know.”

Paxton did not like me at all when I first met him. It took walking with him a few times before he finally warmed up to me. In the video you can see his reaction towards new people coming in the home. It can be a rather intense experience. Christy wanted to make sure she could feel comfortable with Paxton. And that he was not going to bite any guests she had invited over.

“My main goal [with training] was just to make him respond better to me when I told him it would be okay if I invited someone into the home. So not necessarily to be friends with other people and other dogs, but to back off when I tell him to.”

In the beginning we used a muzzle

When starting to introduce Paxton to other people and dogs we used a muzzle. Just to make sure if Paxton attempted to bite anyone, he would not be able to cause any injuries.

The muzzle was never needed! By socializing Paxton in a way that slowly pushed his comfort level, he never snapped at any person or dog.  We wanted to build up his social skills, and not throw him in a situation far above what he could handle.

“I think you taught me some good tools, so it was kind of like you were training me too. That was probably the most beneficial part. Because when I felt more confident that’s when I think we became more successful.”

“We Went for the pack walk, and I don’t think we could have done that six months ago without shaking the entire time, or without being on the lookout the entire time. I think for the most part he was pretty calm, and he was around like 9 dogs. He’s doing really good.”

“I would recommend you as a trainer, in fact I already have! I told my mom to call you.”

Christy it has been great working with you and I’m sure Paxton will continue to become more comfortable being around new people and dogs. I hope to catch you guys at the meet-ups!