Tyler Austin

Head of training at The Noble Dog

This is My Story

Hello, my name is Tyler and I’m the owner and lead trainer of The Noble Dog. I was fortunate to grow up with dogs always in my life. My family always had one or two dogs. My first friend in life was a German Shorthaired Pointer named Jovian. I have always enjoyed the companionship of dogs and teaching them obedience training.

When I was in college I found myself surrounded by Pit bulls which I quickly took a strong liking too. At one point I lived in a house with eight of them! Being around this very powerful and strong willed breed is where I started to understand the difference between dog obedience and dog behavior modification. How do you teach a stubborn who does not want listen – even if you have a treat? This is what I have spent the last six years of my life learning.

I find that the most efficient way you train one dog, is not necessarily the most efficient way to train all dogs. While working with hundreds of families and their dogs over the last six years I have become adept at finding what works best to train any dog depending on the owners, the dog(s), and the families training goals.

Why Personal Training?

I only offer personal training sessions where I work directly with the owners and the dog – focusing on the owners training goals. Some families have very different ideas of how they would like their dog to behave (and that’s great!). I pride myself is helping the owners get there in a quick and efficient way while strengthening your bond with your dog. Of course it’s important to have fun with your dog at the same time!

I generally schedule twenty to twenty-five training sessions a week. I find this is the perfect balance to keeping my dog training skills very sharp while still being able to develop a close relationship to the families I am working with and their dog.

Helping teach people and teach their dogs is a true passion of mine and I look forward to continue learning about dog behavior for the rest of my life.