Get ahold of behavior issues FAST

Kiss Your Dog’s Behavior Issues GOODBYE with Our Specialized Training Service!

Aggression, dominance, anxiety, socialization

Basic commands – sit, stay, down, heel, leave-it, drop, off

Loose leash walking
(no pulling!) 

Reliable off leash recall

The Noble dog worked with our dog Jaygo. He is a tough one to work with because he is so smart and VERY STUBBORN! Tyler did it with ease and was so knowledgeable!!! I love how personable he is and I can text him any time I have questions about training now!

Thank you for helping make our dog Jaygo better to be around! He listens to our commands WAY better, he walks side by side on a leash. This is HUGE!!! He used to yank us so hard and now he’s perfect! I highly recommend!

Janelle Leopoldo

Photo of Jaygo for Dr. Dog service

Do you have a busy schedule and do not have time to work with your dog on a daily basis to change their behavior? The Noble Dog can help!


With The Noble Dog’s Dr. Dog service I personally come to your home and train your dog on a daily basis – providing the fastest results to positively influence your best friend’s behavior. I have been personally training dogs on a 1-on-1 basis for the last seven years and have become incredibly efficient at quickly and positively influencing dog’s behavior.

I have worked with many people who were looking to have their dog trained by a professional at a board and train facility, but they did not want to have to leave their dog at a strange location for weeks to have this accomplished. With my Dr. Dog in-home training service your dog gets to stay in the comfort of your own home, while still learning new positive behavior traits and training. Your dog receives the best training in their natural home environment.


How Dr. Dog works 

Consultation – We discuss your goals and desired dog behavior and training
(5) 60 minute training sessions per week with me working 1-on-1 with your dog
Video updates of dog’s progress
(2) 75 minute personal training sessions 

We start with a consultation where we discuss your training goals and the desired good behaviors you are seeking for your dog. I can also observe the current behavior level of your dog and how you interact together. We can talk about what changes I think are possible and how long I think it may take to accomplish your goals.

After the consultation we will create a training plan, and we can schedule the best time to start the training sessions. To get the best results I will come to your house and train your dog (5) times a week, for two to four consecutive weeks. I generally come during the weekday to complete the training sessions. The training sessions can take place at your home, a local park, or a specific location depending on your goals.

During the training sessions you will receive video updates of your dog’s progress. I may also provide written and video exercises for you to practice briefly at home during the training process. If you would like to attend the training sessions you are more than welcome to join and I would encourage it. Many times the training sessions are most effective if the owner attends some but not all, and I suggest a maximum of two training sessions a week.

After I have completed the independent training sessions and your dog’s behavior has dramatically improved we can schedule two personal training sessions (75 minutes each) with you and your dog. I will show you the behavior changes we have made and how to make sure they are positive changes are permanent. I will show you how to keep up the good behavior and some easy and fun exercises to keep up with your dog.


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Our Dr. Dog service includes:

(2) weeks of training sessions
(10) 1-on-1 training sessions
(2) 75 minute personal training sessions
Free inclusion to monthly meet-ups
Phone and email support and consultation for life
(2) 8x10 photo prints of your dog



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Depending on your goals and dog’s current behavior level additional weeks of training may be needed. Additional weeks can be added for $500.
If training equipment is needed it may be purchased separately.