The Noble Dog Meetups

Let's get your pet social and watch them change one week at a time with the Noble Dog Family.


Let’s Get Outside and Play!

I organize a meet-up for all my clients and their dogs who wish to attend. At the meet-up we will have a chance to practice socializing our dogs with other dogs while being on leash. This is a great opportunity to practice working with your dog to improve their socialization skills. Its also a great place for the dogs with good social skills to play with each other. I have been organizing the meet-up for the last three years and many of my clients find it is a fun and valuable experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

The meet-up is completely free to all of my clients I have done private training sessions. This gives me a chance to know the dog’s personality and temperament. If I don’t feel your dog is ready to attend I may suggest more training before attending. I schedule the meet-up every two to three weeks. I send out an email to all my clients with the information, time, and location. It’s kinda like a secret club. For Dogs… Noble Dogs.