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It was kind of like you were training me too, that was probably the most beneficial part! Because when I felt more confident that’s when I think we became more successful.

We Went for the pack walk, and I don’t think we could have done that six months ago without shaking the entire time, or without being on the lookout the entire time. I think for the most part he was pretty calm, and he was around like 9 dogs. He’s doing really good.

I would recommend you as a trainer, in fact I already have! I told my mom to call you.

Christy, Ventura

I would say there is a process [for dog training]. She is a living thing in it and each day she changes so that I have to learn to employ the techniques that I’ve learned from Tyler with the dog.

The Noble Dog training has helped me and the dog. I know more now how to respond to her and would me know and how to respond to her she knows how to respond to me.

I would recommend you highly


Don, Camarillo

Lena D. – Camarillo

We really enjoyed working with Tyler. We appreciated his ability to explain our dog’s behavior and help us learn to communicate with her. We got a beautiful Queensland Heeler puppy though she freaked out when cars or other dogs passed by on a walk. By the end of our training sessions, she was able socialize beautifully in the dog park, off the leash, and also was able to calmly enjoy her walks. He also helped teach us how to keep her off the couch, not jump on people, and to come when we called her. It’s easy to see that Tyler loves and understands dogs. It was a great experience working with him.

Katie M. – Camarillo

Tyler is amazing. I recently a young dong who is extremely hyperactive and very stubborn and outgoing. I really didn’t know what to do with her. Tyler came in and has helped a lot and not only training my dog but as well as training me! He was an amazing help goes above and beyond and I would highly recommend him

Alyssa K. – Camarillo

My new rescue, Luna is a small terrier mix who is such a sweet dog… with people. I noticed she would lunge, snarl, and yelp loudly at other dogs she saw. When my family visited and brought their puppy, she would snap at him, and even charged at him when he got too close to me or her toys. She made a scene literally everywhere I took her, and it was horribly embarrassing. I did not want to take her anywhere for fear of her causing trouble with  another dog. After her evaluation with Tyler, we spent her first session at the dog park (Personally, I was terrified anticipating how the session would go). Tyler started by helping her to learn to walk by other dogs without yelping and aggressively charging towards them. After a bit, we slowly made our way into the park. He worked with me to teach me how to handle her outbursts, and it was incredibly effective. She responded almost immediately. We have had four sessions with him and have been attending the social meetups he holds every few weeks (a great perk of utilizing his services), and she has been great, with no serious incidents since beginning training. She’s even become BFF with my family’s dog! I always joke with Tyler that Luna responded too quickly to his training, and he never got to see her in her full insane glory. In reality though, I’m grateful she responded so quickly. We will continue going to Tyler’s social meet ups and utilizing his tips and tricks. He even tolerates my incessant dog related questions via text! 10/10 would highly recommend.

Chiyeko S. – Camarillo

Our three year old female Shiba Inu, Lilo, was becoming increasingly defiant and aggressive.  She would growl at us whenever we made her do anything she didn’t want to.  She displayed dominant behavior toward my wife, food aggression and general disobedience.  We went to training class offered through Petco and were told her aggression was the result of bad breeding and there was nothing they could do!  We tried techniques that we saw on Cesar Millan TV programs and read in dog training books to no avail.  Obviously we were doing something wrong.

We researched local dog trainers, and hired Tyler based on the positive Yelp reviews from his clients.  Tyler showed us that Lilo just needed to have someone take over the leadership position in the pack from her.  Tyler taught us how to properly walk Lilo; not allowing her to lead the walk but to follow alongside without pulling or jerking.  Just this one action dramatically reduced a lot of her previously misconduct.  Tyler also showed us how to confront Lilo’s obstinate behavior by firmly standing our ground and calmly insisting on the action we wanted from her.  Our training sessions were conducted both at our home and at parks and dog parks.

After completing a six session training regiment with Tyler, we are confident that we have conquered all our major problems with Lilo and through consistent follow-thru of the techniques we have learned that both Lilo’s and our lives will be anxiety free.

We highly recommend Tyler for anybody needing guidance in correcting canine problems and establishing good behavior disciplines with their dogs.

Jessica M. – Camarillo

Tyler was a huge help with our rescue puppy Basil! We were having some trouble with walking, recall, and overall puppy stubbornness but Tyler gave us great tips on how to keep up good behavior and understand with our little guy better. He was super accommodating with our schedule and our dog loved him. Thank you!!

Valerie B. – Simi Valley

We hired Tyler to help us with our two rescued dogs Max and Ruby. They both suffered from fear aggression and would lunge, snap, snarl and bark trying to get at other people and animals. Our walk were scary because we never knew what to expect from their behavior. After working with Tyler our dogs walks are fun and relaxing! Tyler is amazing!
He was able to help us by training us and teaching us what to expect and how to handle any situation. He has dog socials, our dogs get to meet and learn to interact with other dogs without aggression. If you have troubled pups or just a dog that needs some direction…call Tyler! He’s the best!!!

Destiny M. – Oxnard

Tyler is an amazing trainer and worked really well with my German Shepherd and my pitbull. He taught them how to listen to when we tell them to, and how to correctly walk them with a slip lead. They also don’t fight with each other as much, which is what we also worked on. Overall, I’d highly recommend Tyler to train your dogs!

Ashley B. – Camarillo

Tyler did an excellent job with our Chihuahua mix Bobby! He was having some problems with chewing and walking and within just a few sessions, Tyler was able to really help us with those issues. Tyler gave us great tips on how to keep his good behavior up, but I know that if he starts regressing, I can call Tyler for some more help!

Nicole V. – Camarillo

Tyler is is very knowledgable and committed. I had a full grown, aggressive Rottweiler. Tyler knew how to take authority, had the patience to show me, and techniques that worked. He went above and beyond with me, he truly cared. All around great guy. (Thanks again, Tyler!)

Katie T. – Port Hueneme

First off, we want to thank Tyler for accepting our puppy at a very young age (2 months) for the dog training. The reason we wanted to train her  so early is because since she is a husky and also VERY stubborn, so we wanted to have her on the right path from the very beginning. The first session we had Milky was acting very awful. We started off walking her next to us and she was screaming and barking for like 45mins. She was pulling the leash and trying so hard to just lay on the ground. But Tyler was calm and patient with her, that shows me that it is a very important element in teaching your pet. So over the next few weeks, we followed the homework Tyler gave out and did the same to her, now she always walks next to us and not pulling on leash, also when she seems to speed up a bit and i say “slow down” she actually knows and does it. Some other issues such as biting and barking were also improved A LOT! I could never believe she could turn out to be more than i expected. Also, Tyler has Dog meetings every 2 weeks to have all the dogs socialize which i think is a great method! I highly recommend Tyler!

Stephanie S. – Thousand Oaks

Tyler did a great job with our Maltipoo puppy Riley.  Riley was a bit of handful (barking, biting, separation anxiety, dominance) but he is definitely showing improvement in practically everything we’ve worked on with Tyler.  He also helped us understand how we should be acting around him to make sure Riley knew he wasn’t in charge.  He still thinks he’s in charge sometimes, but now its much more manageable!  We blasted through the entire puppy package of 8 sessions and went back for an extra one just to be sure – Tyler was calm, patient, and excellent with Riley.  The pricing was very reasonable as well.  We even went to the sessions with the other dogs and my tiny little puppy decided he liked to be friends with all the big dogs!  It was a lot of fun working with Tyler, and now we are enjoying spending time with our puppy MUCH more!

Tammie A. – Camarillo

I adopted 2 rescue dogs within a few months of each other.  I know cat behavior and what to expect from cats but found myself lost on my dogs.  Tyler has helped me to learn the value and the way to show leadership to my dogs.  I have confidence now in handling my dogs and also what reasonable expectations are for their behavior.  One of my dogs is doing great and my female is making progress in reducing her aggressive behaviors.  More so I have been “trained” on being a good owner.

Katie K. – Ventura

Working with The Noble Dog was a great experience for my husband and I.  We have a black lab that was experiencing aggression issues after being attacked by stray dogs on a run.  We went from taking him with us everywhere to avoiding taking him on walks because if he saw another dog a block away he freaked out.  We realized this was unhealthy for both our dog and us and on recommendation from many of our friends called up Tyler for our free consultation.  After that first meeting, our dog immediately showed improvement so we signed up for six sessions with Tyler.

It was such a great experience!  Tyler has this amazing ability to read both dog and owner to figure out exactly what problems need to be addressed.  During our final two lessons we were able to walk our dog along the Ventura Pier through a festival with tons of other dogs on leashes all around us and in close proximity.  We now feel confident taking our dog with us to public places and allowing him to meet other dogs.

We would recommend Tyler to anyone looking for dog training.  As a puppy we took our dog to a big chain’s puppy training and didn’t really feel like we learned more than what we could teach him at home.  It’s a totally different experience with Tyler who comes into your home and provides very specific guidance tailored to you and your dog’s needs.  The Noble Dog is an excellent value.  We learned so much and are so pleased!

Phillip Z. – Santa Monica

Tyler did an excellent job with our dog Tracer.  My girlfriend and I adopted Tracer from a shelter. He had some behavior issues that we needed assistance addressing.  Both of us being first time dog owners we were unsure of what to do.  Tracer was having issues on walks, as well as with people coming into our home.  Tracer improved tremendously over our time with Tyler. Tyler not only helped Tracer, but he also helped my girlfriend and myself gain the confidence and knowledge we need on how to be a good pet owner.  We look forward to bringing Tracer to Tyler’s dog meet ups in the future!

Phillip Z. – Santa Monica

Tyler did an excellent job with our dog Tracer.  My girlfriend and I adopted Tracer from a shelter. He had some behavior issues that we needed assistance addressing.  Both of us being first time dog owners we were unsure of what to do.  Tracer was having issues on walks, as well as with people coming into our home.  Tracer improved tremendously over our time with Tyler. Tyler not only helped Tracer, but he also helped my girlfriend and myself gain the confidence and knowledge we need on how to be a good pet owner.  We look forward to bringing Tracer to Tyler’s dog meet ups in the future!

Michelle S. – Camarillo

We had 6 sessions with Tyler to get our German Shepherd puppy (9 months) under control.  Our dog is not aggressive, but we definitely needed guidance on how to let him know his place in the pack and that he wasn’t the boss.  Tyler did a great job showing us walking/leadership techniques that translated into our dog naturally being more calm and obedient.

We also did a session at the dog park so we would know what behaviors were acceptable and what could lead to bad habits down the road.  We now take our pup out on walks and to the dog park knowing he is getting appropriate socialization and won’t become aggressive or misbehaved in the future.

Highly recommend Tyler if you need help learning techniques to improve and sustain a great relationship with your dog.

Liani B. – Camarillo

Tyler has walked dog, Boone, for several months now. He is very easy to get in touch with, and even sent us pictures on the first time he walked our puppy! We definitely recommend him.

Joshua H. – Camarillo

My 1 1/2 year old chihuahua-terrier used to be very dominant and aggressive towards people, especially when they’d visit our house, now through 6 sessions of training with Tyler,  our dog is a lot calmer around people than he used to be, he doesn’t go crazy anymore, and he doesn’t even think about biting people. So if you live in the area neaeby and have a dog that needs to be calmed, I would recommend Tyler as your trainer.

Ronald P. – Moorpark

Tyler was great with our puppy and we saw great improvements from week to week.  He was very caring and calm around us and our dog.  Tyler was always on time and Molly always was glad to see him for each training lesson.  Cannot say enough good things about The Noble Dog other than we were very satisfied.

Felicia P. – Malibu

Tyler has been walking our dog on and off for the last few months (when our neighborhood dog walker is unavailable).  He’s responsible (always on time!) and great with our pup!  Our boy loves it when Tyler comes to the door and always comes home tired and content from his hour long hike.  Can’t recommend Tyler highly enough for dog walking.

Candace K. – Camarillo

By far the best training in Ventura County.  I have 2 Australian Shepherds and my Girl Daisy is CRAZY!!! Tyler was able to help us guide Daisy and teach her we are the the boss and not her. He takes his time with training and is always available to ask any questions or help out. After our 6 sessions of training Daisy is so much better and calm when we go to the dog park or go to public places. She is not a psycho anymore.

Escobar F. – Ventura

We hired Tyler to help us with our 2.5 year old Staffordshire Terrier / French Bulldog mix. She is a rescue we got when she was about 1 and a half. She has some past trauma and appeared to have little to no prior dog interaction. She is very tough and appears more pit bull-like. Over time she has shown more and more aggression towards other dogs in the neighborhood. We’ve struggled through a few trainers to help us. Tyler did more in the first session than anyone else had for her. He has experience with aggressive and stubborn dogs and great ideas to help us. He helped us give her the structure and mental stimulation she needed and tools on how to handle dog interactions outside. His free weekend meet-up sessions with other dogs were really helpful! His prices are reasonable and I am impressed with how much we accomplished in just 3 sessions.

Sherice A. – Ventura

Tyler did a great job with our 1.5 yr old Australian Cattle Dog! Our dog has some fear aggression towards other dogs and strangers (lunging, showing teeth, barking, etc.). Tyler gave us techniques that helped to calm our dog down and approach situations without lunging or barking. We have so much more confidence now when walking our dog. We highly recommend Tyler, especially if you have concerns about your dog’s aggression!

Toni F. – Newbury Park

I have a dachshund named Gus who barked  uncontrollably at people and other dogs that I was finally at a crossroad of needing help from a trainer.  I found Tyler on Yelp and am so glad I pursued working with him.  He was extremely patient with Gus and all of his barking and stubbornness.  I did the 6 sessions with Tyler and definitely started to see more and more improvement in Gus as the sessions went on.  I was able to learn some very important rules that I need to follow as Gus’ owner which is helping Gus even more.  I can’t thank Tyler enough for all his help with Gus and guidance for me as well.  I highly recommend Tyler as a dog trainer and will definitely use him for all my future dogs in need.

J. M. – Camarillo

Tyler knows dogs really well. I have adopted a small poodle from the animal shelter few months ago. His name is Boo! Boo is super sweet dog. Hardly ever barks, quiet , behave well, and  no issues at home.
I took him to a dog park soon after I adopted him thinking he will have a great time! Well……. unfortunately ,I was WRONG! He is only 12lb, however, I had discovered that he had such a bad aggression issues with other dogs! Since he is so quiet, when he decide to attack other dogs, there was no symptoms, he would  just all a sudden attacked other dogs regardless of the size of other dogs. My friend calls him “A stick of a dynamite”.
Anyhow, I found Tyler as a local dog trainer and I did not hesitate to sign up. I had 3 sessions and he confidently trained me how I supposed to be the leader to my dog by demonstrating how to walk Boo, what leash to use, and how I must behave towards other dog so that Boo would know I am the boss.
All I can say is thank you Tyler and now Boo’s aggression is much more calm, and most importantly I became a better parent.
Do you walk your dog or your dog is walking you? If your dog is walking you, you need to contact Tyler asap!

Chad M. – Oxnard

Tyler made a great first impression. Immediately, I could tell that he loved animals and had a strong passion for his work.  I have a Boxer/Lab that had some highly undesirable habits ( Ok.  This dog was nuts). Within the first ten minutes It became apparent that Tyler had far superior levels of patience than any human should. It’s been four weeks now and  I sometimes think somebody traded out my dog with a well behaved stunt double. All joking aside, I couldn’t  recommend a better choice for dog training than The Noble Dog.